Sarah Lippett - Author and Artist


 Speakers / Posted 2 years ago by Lucy McKay / 822 views

Sarah Lippett is an author and artist who uses her illustrations to tell the story of her diagnostic odyssey. She first noticed something was wrong when her little sister was born but it was years before she found out what was really causing her symptoms.

Sarah has spoken at a number of events organised in collaboration with M4RD. Over two years we have seen her book ‘A Puff of Smoke’ come to fruition and it will be released on 7th November 2019. A Puff of Smoke is a graphic memoir about what it is like to grow up with an illness that no one can diagnose.

Moyamoya Disease causes hardening of the vessels in the brain which limits oxygen getting to the brain, causing transient ischaemic attacks and stroke. While Sarah’s story is, at times, heartbreaking as she becomes isolated by her undiagnosed condition she tells it through her words and illustrations in such a fun and light way. There are many lessons for any clinician to learn from her story around the subjects of patient dignity, effective communication and having the humility to admit when you don’t know what’s going on.

M4RD can highly recommend Sarah as a speaker at events.