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1 in 17 people will be affected by a rare disease at some point in their lives Source: Rare Disease UK

Rare Disease 101

Rare Disease 101 is aimed at medical professionals with little prior knowledge in rare diseases. It consists of the basic principles of what rare disease is, how you may suspect a rare disease, challenges faced by those living with a rare disease and how to support them. This is the first online module of its type!

Our Mission: driving an attitude change towards rare disease amongst 

medical professionals.

With over 7000 rare diseases, it’s impossible to know about all of them. However it is possible for doctors to appreciate that rare diseases are collectively common and to recognise the exceptional challenges faced by patients with rare diseases.

M4RD provides education about the relevance of rare disease to everyday clinical medicine and equips doctors to manage their patients effectively. Our ultimate aim is to speed up the journey to diagnosis and improve the patient experience.

Medical Schools

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Our work is for the benefit of everyone with rare diseases and their communities. By preparing doctors to diagnose and manage rare conditions, M4RD is improving the patient experience. Help us grow so we can achieve our ultimate goal – mandatory medical education in rare disease at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Rare Disease Resources Our database of invaluable resources keeps growing. Here are three at random. Access the Resources menu for more details.

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