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RSM 2019 – Agenda

1.15 pm
Welcome by Medics4RareDiseases
Dr Lucy McKay

1.30 pm
Rare diseases in general practice
Dr Will Evans, Clinical Practice GP,Leeds, Academic GP, University of Nottingham and Chairman of NP-UK

2.15 pm
Diagnosed during an OSCE – a patient perspective on being rare
Dan Jeffries, Rare Disease Patient, Author of “Me, Myself & Eye” and Volunteer Ambassador, The Pituitary Foundation and Trustee of M4RD

2.55 pm
Tea and coffee

3.15 pm
The role of genomic in mainstream medicine
Dr Ellen Thomas, Clinical Lead for NHS Genomic Medicine, Genomics England and Locum Consultant in Genomic Medicine at Imperial College NHS Trust

4.00 pm
Medical student winner of Student Voice Essay 2018

4.30 pm
Lightning talks: Do you hear me?
Nicola Miller, Co-Founder of Teddington Trust and Rare Revolution Magazine and a RARE Mum
Lightning talks: Clinical pattern matching for rare diseases
Dr Rudy Benfredj
Lightning talks: Living with a rare disease, from a parent perspective

5.15 pm
Questions and Answers

5.30 pm