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Usual Suspects Rare Diseases in Everyday Medicine M4RD

This year we are really excited to be able to provide a limited number of student travel bursaries for our annual symposium at The Royal Society of Medicine. This has been made possible thanks to the support from our sponsors. We hope that this will enable students who live outside of London to attend our event.

We would be grateful if you would contribute an article for our website. It could be about the meeting or a particular disease – we’re open to suggestions so just let us know!

Based on off-peak return train prices (without a young person’s railcard) the total bursary allowance for travel from your destination to the meeting will be calculated by M4RD and included on your application form.


  • Medical students only based outside Greater London
  • Travel is directly to and from the meeting destination (London)
  • Excludes 1st class travel
  • Excludes travel inside London e.g. tube or bus
  • You must attend the meeting above
  • You must provide proof of purchase

Guidance for use of the bursary:

  • Please use a discount railcard for this purchase if you have one
  • If possible please travel outside of peak hours
  • Only costs evidenced with a receipt or proof of purchase will be reimbursed (unless travel is by car – see below)
  • Car travel will be refunded at 25p/mile and parking can be claimed for (with a receipt) but the total expenses that can be claimed will be capped at the limit stated on your application form
  • If total travel costs are less than the limit stated on your application form, only the actual costs will be reimbursed not the full limit
  • If you have any individual needs that mean you require more expensive travel please contact Jo McPherson
  • Deadline for submitting expense form together with your proof of purchase to Jo McPherson is 19 January 2020.

The Unusual Suspects: Rare Diseases in Everyday Medical Care on Wednesday 19 February 2020 at The Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London. Registration at 12:30; drinks reception after meeting close at 17:30.