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The M4RD Red Flags Survey Launches Today!

M4RD Red Flags Survey Launches Today!

It is common knowledge that getting an accurate diagnosis is one of the biggest hurdles in a patient's life with a rare disease. Sadly many people report not being taken seriously by the medical profession or diseases only being diagnosed after years of symptoms being explained away.

However with over 7000 rare diseases and each patient group producing it's own educational material it seems an unreasonable feat for a GP to pull out the correct leaflet for the correct patient.

We want to produce a Red Flags of Rare Disease. Red flags are symptoms or signs which raise the possibility of an underlying disease. Identifying the red flags of rare disease and teaching them to medics will help them know when to suspect a rare disease. But we need help from patient groups to find the red flags. We want to create an educational tool informed by patient groups but for use by medical professionals.


Join us in our efforts to help doctors pick up rare diseases sooner.

Take the survey and share widely.

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