Dan Jeffries - Author

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Dan Jeffries is an incredibly funny and relatable speaker. His talk takes you through his insightful and hilarious memoir, ‘Me, Myself and Eye’. Dan explores what it’s like living with one of the world’s rarest medical conditions – Wyburn Mason Syndrome – and then finding out you have another one – Acromegaly.

Dan has spoken at numerous events including Rare Disease Day at Pfizer, an Acromegaly Conference in Canada and the M4RD Symposium in 2019. Dan’s talk is open, honest, visually appealing and very funny. His talk offers a refreshing insight into what it’s like living with two rare conditions, the challenges faced and the inspiration gained.

“Dan’s talk managed to be informative and entertaining, insightful and moving, educational and inspiring. You don’t often find presentations that manage to combine all of those qualities! I left with a deeper understanding of what it is like to live with rare conditions, and also with a smile on my face!”