ALK Positive Lung Cancer UK

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ALK-positive lung cancer is a relatively rare form of lung cancer caused by the abnormal rearrangement of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene. The vast majority of patients are non-smokers, half are under 50 years of age when diagnosed (some are much younger), and the majority are female. Most patients are diagnosed at Stage 4.

ALK Positive Lung Cancer (UK) is a registered charity established by patients, their families and friends. They are a community from different backgrounds and walks of life – each with their own individual story. Established in 2018, their  purpose is to extend the overall survival and quality of life of ALK-positive lung cancer patients across the UK.

In April 2022 M4RD featured ALK+ on #MysteryMonday, covering the basics to help medics and HCPs be more aware of these conditions.  You can view the highlights here.