Autoinflammatory UK

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Autoinflammatory UK is the UK’s oldest and largest patient-run safe patient support group for patients and families of people suffering from rare autoinflammatory conditions whether diagnosed or undiagnosed.  

They are totally self-funded and safely administered fully by volunteer patients and parents with extensive real-life experience and their group include experienced medical professionals who are also patients or parents of patients.
All of their members are patients, parents, or carers affected by rare autoinflammatory conditions and must be in that situation to join the group.  The group is always a safe place for all members.
Their vision is to enhance the quality of life for patients, families, and friends of people suffering from rare autoinflammatory conditions by bringing news of innovative research, becoming a portal for information to support the patients and families, and raising much-needed awareness for this series of conditions.
To deliver friendship, hope, and information and to provide patients and families with every opportunity to get the best out of life despite their condition.
Their promise
To always value the support and contributions made by our dedicated patients and families. To be professional and honest with everything we deliver, and provide the very best individual service to all those who reach out to us for help. We will endeavor to deliver the most effective support and services we can, and we promise this all to you because our members matter most.