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Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome is an inherited condition, characterised by the development of fibrofolliculomas (benign skin tumours), pulmonary cysts and pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and predisposition to kidney cancers.

In January 2022 M4RD featured BHD on #MysteryMonday, covering the basics to help medics and HCPs be more aware of this condition.  You can view the highlights here.

Key resources for doctors

BHD Awareness Leaflet: Information on the symptoms of BHD and who to refer to if BHD is suspected.

Diagnostic and Management Information: Information on the diagnosis and management of BHD.

BHD Registry Leaflet: The BHD Syndrome International Registry (BIRT) is a centralised database that collects information from patients with BHD to better understand the condition. We have created a leaflet that can be printed to share information about BIRT with patients.

BHD Explainer Video: An introduction to BHD.


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